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Common Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questins. Feel free to call if you have more questions.

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Doors are usually rated by pounds (example) when a door lists up to 100 lbs this means the opening will fit any pet up to this size in weight if your pet is overweight you may have to go to the next larger size.
I suggest standing in a door opening leading outside and measure from the drywall to the stucco, subtract any exterior or interior trims. Most of the time your wall will measure 5 ½” of 7 ½” thick

I always like to have my customers to have at least 2 choices of where the door will be installed if it is possible. I will confirm location when I arrive.

This is determined on the size of the pet door first. When you are evaluating where you must try to avoid internal electric wires and external outlets. Usually on wall switches the electric wires will go up the wall from that switch.

Also avoiding wall studs you must have enough room between the studs to install the door. Typically wherever you have a plug or a switch you almost always have a stud.

I have electrical testers to try to verify where studs and electric are.

If you want the door under a window sometimes there are 1 or 2 studs horizontal supporting the window this must be verified. With some homes there are pop outs on the windows on the outside this will limit the size of the door that can be installed under that window. Be aware also of external trim on doors if you want it close to a door.

This door has to meet code fire door, self closing

For more information on code you need to contact your city. If you decide you want to install the door without being to code you must sign off on the install taking all responsibilities

With older pets it is not good for them to have to bend too much to get outside. You have usually a 4” step from the inside of your home to your patio and usually more on the side of your home you can use pavers or a ramp to make up the height difference. You will want the top of the opening to be 1-2 inches higher than the tallest pet’s back . Be sure to allow for easy access for larger dogs and working breeds in their later years as arthritis and hip problems often appear in these breeds.

Can I lock my pet door?

Absolutely. All doors come with an interior locking panel.

The frame is sealed to the wall kit and the external frame is sealed to your external wall. You must maintain caulking to prevent future leaks-I use high quality caulking
Insects and small animals cannot push their way in through the pet door. Since the flap is sealed and doesn’t hang open, if larger animals do not see an opening –they don’t have an interest. Most animals need a little conditioning to get used to using a pet door and won’t push against something that isn’t already open. Keeping all food and water away from the area of the pet door, inside or outside the opening will also help.
All flaps can be replaced
Most of the time if the install is through a wall it will take 2 ½ to 3 hours
Typically I take first come first serve on my service-usually the same week if you call early in the week.
Never force or push your pet through the pet door. I suggest taping the flap up using blue painters to your interior wall-tape the flap at the same level as the back of your pet. Gently coax your pet through the door by using their favorite toy or treat. As your pet uses the door- lower the flap down a little more so your pet gets used to the feeling of the flap on their back-repeat this process a few times and your pet will be fine.
Typically your pool has to meet a code every opening that has axis to your pool area must have a self closing devise on that opening. If the pet door is going to be on the side and behind a fenced area you should be to code. For more information on pool code you need to contact your city. Not all city codes are typical. If you decide you want to install the door without pool being to code you must sign off on the install taking all responsibilities!
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